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Free & On-time Estimate

Our superior service starts even before any work is done. We know your time is valuable and we respect that. You can count on our estimator to arrive at your home or business on time and to prepare your estimate in a timely manner.

Color Consultation

You may know the exact color combination you want for your project. If you don't, we can advise you on your home and commercial paint color selection. Architecture, landscaping and current trends all come in to play when choosing your colors.

Following a current trend will keep you in style for the next decade to come and truly adds value to your home. Choosing a "trendy" color will have you wanting a change next year. A quality paint job on your home is worth investing some time into making the correct color selection for you and your home or business. If you have a color you like that you want us to match we can do that too.

Site Preparation

Taking the time at the beginning of the job to make sure your home is protected during the painting process is very important.

Whether protecting your valuable possessions inside your home or insuring that landscaping and outdoor patios, walkways and windows are protected we will make sure the job is done right.

​We take such great care in protecting and cleaning at the beginning and throughout the entire job that most customers feel that they have been minimally impacted throughout the project and that we have left their home cleaner than we found it.

Surface Preparation

How well the surface is prepared before painting will definitely affect how well the paint performs over time. If minor repairs need to be made we'll be sure to match the surface texture so once painted the repair will blend in "like it never happened."

When painting over older, oil based surfaces we must ensure that they have been scuffed, primed and ready for multiple thin coats of paint. If we don't take this care, we may end up with a beautiful product on day one, but peeling paint down the road and a very unsatisfied customer.

​We aim to be serving our clients for many years to come and you can rely on our teams to give you a high quality, long-lasting finish.

Peeling Paint

Oh No! Has that old garage door been in the sun for too many years, or too many wet winters and now you have a peeling paint mess?

Maybe your exterior trim is overdue and is seeing some peeling.

Or maybe it's worse and your have the remnants of a poor paint job like water based paint applied right over oil based paint and it's just peeling off. No worries. It can be an ugly job, but it's one we're ready to take on.

If your wood or other surface under the peeling paint is sound it usually makes sense to put the labor into removing the peeling paint. If its not done honestly you might as well not paint because it will soon be peeling again. Deferred maintenance often leads to this, but once the problem is recognized we can fix it and at substantially less cost than replacing the materials themselves.

Paint & Finish

We work with a few high quality paint manufacturers. We can explain to you why we have selected each. Paint properties, look, feel, sheen, durability, manufacturer warranties all come into play in our selection process.

Sometimes manufacturers may have different grade lines, with lower or higher costs associated with them. We will discuss these options when we are quoting your project.

Interior & Exterior Painting

We are your best choice for painting Geauga County (and beyond!) homes and businesses. We'll paint your entire house, interior and exterior or just a room. Walls, ceiling, trim, woodwork, built-ins, bathrooms and kitchens.

We'll help you select just the right sheens for your interior use and can also recommend different alternatives to extend the life of your exterior paint so you know that your paint job will last for many worry free years. Ask us about our written guarantees for workmanship and materials.

Kitchens & Bathrooms

These two rooms get the most use and abuse in your home. Proper selection of paints for these high use, high moisture areas is very important.

Paint is always a great, almost instant update to your home, but this is definitely a great cost-effective update in your bathrooms and kitchen. Is it time for the old oak to go? Builder's grade cabinetry not what you want, but not ready to replace? Paint is an excellent alternative.

Many customers find that once they've updated with a professionally painted kitchen or bathroom they don't feel the need to replace their cabinets.

Doors - Interior & Exterior

Your home's front door should work with the overall look and feel of your home and be a highlight of the beautiful home you are creating.

​Make a statement, subtle or bold, classic, contemporary, transitional, or modern. This is a very important feature to your homes exterior and calls out for our pro care.

Interior doors are no less important. Perhaps less of a statement on an individual basis they are important in creating the overall feel of quality and style to your home.

Deck & Fence Staining or Painting

All the prep work, power washing, and re-staining (or new stain) to your fence or deck will have these tired, worn out looking, but still sound structures looking good as new.

If you've never seen power washing done before you will probably be amazed at this first part of the process. Your deck or fence will really start to look new. If left at this stage the wood would be unprotected. For best performance and look we'll add your choice of stain to keep it in tip top shape for years to come.

Wallpaper Removal

Leave the arduous task of Wallpaper removal to us. Before you know it that wallpaper that was a great idea 10 or 15 years ago will be gone, walls cleaned, any minor wall repair done and ready for a fresh coat of paint.

​Don't you already feel better just thinking about the fresh, new look your going to have?

Repair and Re-texture

Minor wall repair from roof leaks, dents, small holes can be taken care of quickly. Add our expert texturing and the problem will disappear. Once it has a fresh coat of paint it will be impossible to tell there was ever a blemish.

Commercial Projects

Last but certainly not least on our list of projects we can tackle are commercial projects.

Retail Strip Malls, Warehouses, Industrial Buildings are all within our area of painting expertise.

Preparation, products, and application techniques may vary depending on the project but your costs for painting and for downtime will be taken into account at the time of estimate.

We work together closely with our business clients to ensure the least amount of downtime and interference with your income producing activities.

Working with Other Trades

We are happy to schedule our painting services around other work you are having done. We can coordinate our schedule with your electrician, dry wall installers, carpenters, etc.. We do whatever we can so that your project goes smoothly. If you need recommendations for other contractors just ask. We can refer some great companies.

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